Snow rest for the weary…

February 22, 2011
Snow on Grant Street in Pittsburgh

Photo Credit: John Heller - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

So for those of you in the Pittsburgh area, you are well aware that we got another “blast” of winter weather last night.  This one was particularly frustrating since just a few days ago it was 65 degrees.  Alas, by this morning close to 9″ of snow had fallen in the Pittsburgh area, and as is the case around this area, panic ensued.  Cars were abandoned, the parkways were gridlocked until late into the night, and today everyone is pointing the fingers at who is to blame for this mess.  Weather forecasters had to play “catch-up” with their predictions as the snow came earlier and heavier than forecasted.  Road crews fought to keep up with the snow, but they were at an early disadvantage due to the worst of the storm moving in at rush hour.

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It’s a bit funny, because when I moved to Pittsburgh, I was told that while it snows in Pittsburgh, it typically isn’t that bad.  The average winter here in the city yields around 40.3 inches of snow.  Compared to the 84″ that South Bend averages, I figured 40″ would be a cakewalk.  However, the past 2 winters have been anything but average.  Here’s some fun facts:

  • Last winter Pittsburgh saw 77.4″ of snow.  This is 36.8″ above average.
  • 48.7″ fell in February 2010, 21″ of which fell in just 2 days (2/5-2/6)
  • This winter we have seen 50″ so far, which is 20.6″ above average as of today.
  • From late Fall of 2009 through today, the city is 57.4″ above average

So basically, In the past 15 months, Pittsburgh has seen nearly 3 and a half winters worth of snow.  Add to that the fact that Pittsburgh is one of the most hilly cities in America, and you get a whole lot of spinning tires, slide offs, and just general chaos.  See exhibit A below for a video of what a “minor” ice storm this winter combined with the hilly streets of Pittsburgh can look like

Oh Winter… you so crazy.

Personally, I blame this guy:

The Weather Rodent

And maybe this guy:

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl (not Snoop Dogg)

But certainly not this guy:

I make the weather! All of this moisture coming up out of the Gulf is gonna push off to the east and hit Altoona.

Spring has to come eventually, right?